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London Olympic Marathon

Well today is the last day of the London Olympics, it seems many families are out joining the crowds with babies and toddlers on parents shoulders in order to get a glimpse of the great athletes running in the London Marathon. Although young children may not be able to fully recall the event later in life it will in some way have an impact on them. Many children from a very early age know just what they want to do; in fact Mo Farah simply loved running and wanted to be an athlete rather than study at school. He also didn’t speak any English when he arrived from Somalia, yet despite adversity he has made an incredible achievement of becoming double world Olympic champion.

Mo Farah wins 5,000m thriller to achieve double distance gold at London 2012 Olympics,

Mo Farah, double Olympic gold champion!

Taking two gold medals home must be such a wonderful feeling; however his next Olympic feat will becoming father of twins next month. He will have a short while to catch up on some sleep before the new babies come along although his older daughter will no doubt love helping look after them and giving lots of cuddles, etc.

Mo’s achievements have lead him and his wife to set up a foundation in Somalia to help disadvantaged children and give them a head start in life by getting involved in sport. It is so nice to see incredible superstars giving back and making a difference to their own communities and not taking their lives for granted.

Well done Mo, I wonder what superstars his children will turn out to be? I had better send him my Sanity Nanny New Parent Survival Pack, you can request yours at .