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London Marathon-Running for Children’s Charities

I really admire anyone who runs and trains so hard for the London Marathon to raise money for children’s charities in particular.  Last year a friend of mine who works for Children InNeed made a decision in December 2010. She got accepted to run the London Marathin and started training on top of doing, one full time, one part-time job and intensively studying the art of Feng Shui. This is not to make you feel bad but it is to inspire you to try something which pushes you out of your comfort zone and reap the rewards.

I was so proud of her, as I have to confess I am not a runner. I tried jogging with a friend some time ago and the furthest we got was round the block and returned after about a 20 minute stint, puffing and gasping for water! We probably ended the evening drinking wine which again was not our desired result!

When you decide to do something new it has to be for a good reason, it also helps  if you enjoy it. I do not like running, I’m happy to go cycling, walking, swim in outdoor pools, ski down black runs but I recognise that sport is only healthy and good for you and your body when you do something you love. Also you are far more likely to continue doing these activities.

Sometimes we can get stuck in our patterns or set limitations which are below our threshold and simply need some encouragement from someone who knows the benefits, has more experience and can teach you how to overcome your challenges or when is the best time to stop. These are all important aspects of trying something new, you maybe  filled with dread or fear but it makes it so much easier and fun, having encouragement from a coach or friend.

I want to wish runners who are supporting ARC ( a charity for parents who’ve suffered the loss of a baby through abnormalities, Winston’s Wish supporting children and families who are coping with the loss of a child and GrowGlos who support underprivileged children in Gloucestershire.

My friend is now a practising Feng Shui consultant for personal homes or businesses and is proof that hard work, dedication and a good cause do pay off and are well worth the effort, just like children!

Who are you supporting today?