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Last minute Christmas Shopping

How are your stress levels coping with the build up to the Christmas Festivities, now that schools have broken up? The best way to keep on top of things is to make lists. If you have not sent your Christmas cards you will need to prioritise this task as we only have 9 days left until Christmas! If you haven’t already put your Christmas tree up, it would be a great family task this w/e to help decorate it. Are you having a real tree or an artificial one which won’t drop pine needles this year?

Here are some idea’s for Entertaining Family:

Lists to consider

Christmas Food and ingredients:                                          Day                                                           How many guests?


Main course




Napkins/Place settings/Table decorations

Order and collect your wine/port/liquers/spirits/champagne

You may want to order glasses if you are having a larger party and may need some ice too.

Have you ordered your fuel if you have oil-fired heating or extra logs and firelighters for those with open fires, don’t forget the marshmallows-kids simply love toasting them!

If you have a small baby make sure they are well wrapped up or swaddled in a blanket if very small.

Other lists you may want to consider are a present checklist, clothes/items to pack if going away and getting those last minute treats organsied. If your internet orders don’t arrive you can always give gift vouchers or money, kids love to choose their own presents and I’m sure won’t be too disappointed.

Enjoy yourself and stay warm this winter.