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Kids Off School – Summer Holidays

With the kids off school and many regular activities not operating over the summer holidays, you may even have had a luxurious lie-in but how do you choose what you really should be doing the rest of the day?

If you are feeling a little overwhelmed or stretched to the limit ask yourself:
Will this still be important in 1,2 or 5 years time?

Spending time to make your children happy is a worthwhile investment and you will reap the rewards year after year. Cut back in these early years and prioritise less important tasks and it may leave you more frustrated and your children less content too. Take a moment to consider what you could you do more or less of today, which will make better use of your time and leave you happier and your kids thanking you rather than shouting or crying, ‘no I won’t’ or ‘it’s not fair…’

Build and strengthen relationships in those first few years and watch your children flourish whether at home, school or out in the park and wear that ‘proud mum’ badge knowing you have done a really great job.

So what will you choose to do today?

If you need any help, have a reoccurring or a new situation with your baby or older child please let me know. I will try and answer them via video, which is going to be where I’m putting my focus for now, alongside writing my book on how to manage as a first time parent and fully enjoy your baby with or without much sleep!