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Kate Middleton & Prince William are Pregnant!

Kate Pregnant: Duchess Remains In HospitalWonderful news this week to hear that Kate Middleton and Prince William are pregnant and expecting their first child. Poor Kate seems to be suffering from the extreme pregnancy sickness, which will hopefully settle down. It’s strange how some mums suffer very badly with morning sickness whilst others barely know they are pregnant. The queen must be over the moon and what a fabulous way to end a very memorable year in British history with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the 2012 Olympics in London, it’s certainly been a year of celebrations.
Now with Christmas round the corner I wonder if there will be any more surprises? Are you little ones getting excited each night before they go to bed or are they too young to understand the concept of Father Christmas and all it entails?

Christmas Preparations
What toys have you got on the Christmas list, I recommend moving toys and activity games for children aged 6-10. A real favourite is Twister, if you’ve not played it get yourself down to the gym first to loosen up! Girls always love horses, pink things such as Tutu’s for little ones and babies well they love push and pull toys or building blocks and wooden puzzles. For tiny babies I love cashmere blankets, personalised gifts and keepsakes.
Happy shopping and stay warm, snow is apparently on its way!
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