International Women’s Day – Sanity Nanny

International Women’s Day

It’s great that women get recognized from around the world and that men are acknowledging how amazing women are too and the part we play in raising children and shaping the world. Today I was impressed by the number of men who were celebrating with us and involved in spreading the word about how wonderful we are and why we need to reflect on what women have achieved over the last 100 year or more and successfully be able to bring up children too.

Dads obviously do a great job too, but there is still a lag in working women’s salaries even when doing the same work, so there is still some progress to be made. We are strong, bond well and know how to adapt to the many tasks thrown at us. It is important for children to see their parents working and understand why they may not be home when they get back from school but why is it that many mothers feel guilty for doing a job they love?

Men are expected to go to work and no-one questions this, however I am now discovering more parents who are switching roles and staying home to look after the little ones whilst their wife or partner goes back to the office. As a child gets older it’s particularly important but what impact does this have on a baby who is separated from his or her mother, particularly whilst still being breast fed?

Men can only do so much, and of course it is better for a baby to be in a home environment but what is the emotional impact when a baby who is only just taking solid foods and how will this leave the baby coping with their own feelings as they grow up. Well adjusted or wishing mummy was at home to feed, play and settle them throughout the day.

What are your views on International Women’s Day and would you leave a man, preferably your partner at home to bring up your baby or toddler?