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How to be a Mum, Wife, Business Woman and have it all…

Hands of woman holding globe, Africa and Near East. Earth image courtesy of NASADo you struggle to fulfil all your ‘roles’ and do them well or do you feel pulled in different directions and often end up feeling guilty or disappointed with yourself, your boss or children and wonder how other mums manage to have lives that seemingly run ‘trouble free’?

There is always more to life than meets the eye and to be realistic and be able to cope with ease working mums need additional help in the house and or with their children. If you are doing ‘it all’ yourself you are likely to be running on empty, making mistakes or turning up late for meetings etc. or even heaven forbid the school gates! If this sounds close to your heart and you want to make changes for your own health or your child’s sake where do you start?

Sometimes when everything seems so big or even the thought of change is too much to bear, people will often put off the very tasks that will give them the freedom or time they desperately seek or whatever they are running away from. This ultimately prolongs the situation and leaves Mums feeling worse or taking things out on their family or friends. So what can you do ‘to have it all’ and be considered a successful mum?

Time management is key but this is not just while you are working but must also take place in your home life, sure you can have flexibility however planning ahead will relieve stress from your head. If you make a promise to your child that you can’t keep, apologise accept they will be upset but offer an acceptable alternative and they will soon forget. Balancing time at the office or away from your children can be difficult but if you make sure that when you are with your children you switch off technology and don’t take those important ‘business calls’ until your child is in bed or otherwise occupied.

6 Tips to help mums have it all and feel ‘More Alive’ in 2014:

1. Sit down regularly for a few minutes and relax throughout the day.

2. Plan your calls when your children are in activities or whilst they are sleeping in bed.

3. Share the housework /chores with your partner or hire i.e. a cleaner/dog walker/nanny.

4. Take exercise regularly.

5. Eat healthy meals which are quick & easy to prepare and cook.

6. Focus on one thing at a time

Try these out and let us know how you get on and what in particular works for you and your family.