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Heard of Montessori Education?

Heard of Montessori education but not sure what it is or would like to find out more? If you live in Cheltenham or the Cotswolds, you may like to join us this coming week at our introductory Mini-Montessori sessions.


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Early learning

Montessori is all about the ‘whole child’ and individual learning so what could be better for your child than you learning how you can enhance their learning inside and outside the home? We are going to be learning about the philosophy and how a young child grows. The best part is, that you as a parent can teach your baby or toddler at home. I will be demonstrating the techniques so we’ll have lots of fun together.

Your baby is learning and absorbing information from day one, so what better way to start understanding how to engage and entertain your baby or toddler with simple objects and ‘real’ toys. Keeping things natural and learning from the environment around us, is something Maria Montessori believed in and has built into her unique education system.

I know that when a child is engaged and doing purposeful activities the happier a child is. The bonus is that, the better they will sleep and eat too.

For those of you who live further afield ask about our distance home learning Montessori programme coming soon.

To book your ticket click on the link below, there’s a few left!