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Half Term Holidays

It’s holiday time again for school children and a bank holiday w/e for those who work! Horray, most people will be planning their time off or getting in the car to travel to a holiday destination. Today though is not a great day to travel with children. This morning Heathrow had to close two runways and delay many flights, this is not much fun for fraught parents with babies and toddlers. The motorways are also not fairing much better, so here are some tips to keep you positive and your child happy.

Wow-All inclusive and great value!

Wow-All inclusive and great value!

Take the time to sit and chat with your child or read a few books, notice how much your child knows and is taking in.
You will probably end up meeting some new people, especially those with children and maybe end up sharing new toys or gadgets.
If your child goes off to sleep, you can grab a magazine or read your book in peace!
You’ll appreciate your destination more and be able to relax once you get there.
You can play with your child without having to rush off anywhere!
Don’t panic just adjust your thinking, stay relaxed and be grateful you were not on the plane that caught fire.

Enjoy your half term or Bank holiday and hopefully some sunshine!