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Half Term- Fun with the kids

Half term with the kids can be a great chill out and time to relax together without the stress of getting organised on time for school or the nursery run. If you are a working Mum or Dad this is a great time to discover what your children have been up to and how they have progressed.

Children grow up so quickly and those of you with a new baby will only be all to aware of this. Treasure the moments and time you spend together as you can never reclaim it.

The best way to enjoy the week if you are not going abroad, is to plan some activities with friends mixed with one or two outings to a park or local attraction. Indoor play centres with ball pools are very popular and help get rid of excess energy!


Together family time

Ways to keep sane at home with children of different ages

  • If you are housebound and simply want to stay at home you can do some simple activities such as: Junk modelling (Using re-cycled boxes and paper etc. encourage your child make i.e. a monster, fairground or animal they love)
  • Do some cooking- Children really love this, make sure you cover the floor or work surface it can get rather messy or allow your child to help ‘clear up the mess’ or perhaps do the washing up, with your supervision.
  • Why not sit down and play some educational or imaginative games and let your children come up with their own idea’s, ie. matching pairs, counting or drawing or dressing up in costume and playing different characters? If they are old enough ask them to speak in an appropriate voice to their costume- it can be a real giggle.

Juliet’s Top Tip!

If you are exhausted after all the entertaining, pretend to be ill (lie on the sofa put your feet up and let them ‘look after’ you or tell them you need a cup of pretend tea!). See how long you can make things last!

A favourite game of ours was to get a mattress or blow up lilo and hold both sides and ‘bump’ down the stairs- you do have to be skilled at avoiding walls and banisters, so not always safe but loads of fun!

What games did you used to play with your siblings or friends in half term break?