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GOOD Friday-Happy Easter Holiday

Happy Good Friday! What a gorgeous day, are you planning to spend the day with family friends,visiting relatives or doing something special with your children? Of course the thing children are most concerned about is how many Easter Eggs will I get or perhaps how big will it be? I know a little girl who only likes Lindt chocolate and simply loves the rich Lindor chocolate balls, I have to confess I am partial to them too.

Having lived in Switzerland home of the famous brand I used to eat a bar when I went ski-ing each week. I wonder do we need a treat to eat this food and is it really that bad for us? I had a friend who used to feed their dog with chocolate and I have to say, that is definitely not good. I heard that families should be careful not to leave chocolate lying around for animals to find and eat as it contains chemicals and caffeine which are harmful to dogs. Apparently the higher the quantity of cocoa solids the worse it is, so you have been warned, please look after your dogs’ health.

I am dreading the children waking up today as I had promised a trip to Cadbury’s world. Shock horror, last night whilst planning ahead I discovered this is completely booked up for days, how silly of me not to realise. So what will we do today to appease the children and keep their spirits up? This is usually not a problem, it’s usually the opposite!

I am thinking a spot of cooking, making some Easter nests or chocolate cake or an Easter egg hunt in the garden? I’m sure enticing them with chocolate will do the trick, am I being a naughty Auntie? I just hope chocolate is not as bad for them as it is for dogs!

Happy Easter to All