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Family Life Summer Haven for Busy Mums

Happy baby, fun splashing

It is summer and isn’t it a joy to have this wonderful sunshine, it certainly makes family life and looking after children a lot more fun for mums.

Having a baby or toddler to look after or school age children off school is not a bed of roses for everyone though. As a parent, you will no doubt be faced with new challenges as your children grow and develop and this can leave you feeling even more exhausted in your already busy life. This got me thinking how I could support you over the summer.

What if there was something that could ease your daily pressures and offer you as close to ‘hands on help’ with those little niggles or questions about your child’s age and stage, WITHOUT costing you a penny? Well, good news I have exactly what you’ve been looking for in, ‘How to Survive the Summer Holidays’ here on my Facebook lives, hop over to my Sanity Nanny F/Book page and get all the info for each week.

Don’t worry you don’t have to speak, simply ask a question or listen in to brighten up your day and learn about baby & child development, fun ideas to do with the kids and also discover what Montessori education is all about too.

I know not every parent is fortunate enough to spend the summer playing with their children, going on day trips etc. so I also have some tips and tools for working mums to ease pressure and help you avoid feeling guilty if you are stuck at your desk working hard for your family.

Sleep is an important aspect of family life and having happy, content children, so there will be answers to your sleep questions and dilemmas too.

Enjoying a balanced family life revolves round many different aspects and when you are trying to juggle everything alone, or have simply run out of ideas for entertaining your children or don’t feel you have a creative bone in your body, don’t stress yourself come and join us for inspiration inside and outside the home.

I’m so excited to be able to share all this with you and want to let you know you can watch the replays if you are busy during the day or at lunchtime, so now there’s no excuse for you feeling worn out, overwhelmed or at a loss s to what to do with your baby or young child.

BTW Everything is delivered in short videos and you can also ask your own questions during or after the event too, so please do come over and check things out here…..

Here’s your summer of FUN, FREEDOM and HAPPY CHILDREN, ‘see you all’ soon.