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EYE Eye -Now I Can See You!

For many parents having an Eye Test is not necessarily something on the list of most parents before their child starts school. I recently met Claire Holland who’s a warm and friendly optician. She and her husband have a wonderful practice in Cheltenham, that caters specifically for young children and their families. Keith Holland’s reputation is so good people literally travel from all over the country to visit them.

I have a nephew who’s 10 who has some difficulty with his reading and concentration at school. He’s really struggled to keep up at times and having twin sister who finds learning comes easily, his problems where difficult to play down. After being at school for a few years he was eventually diagnosed as being a bright child, who suffered from dyslexia.

Claire and her husband Keith are very experienced opticians and having four children of their own, really do understand the problems children can face at school. Having an eye test can help identify what could be holding your child back, if it turns out they have an eye or vision problem.

Children with ADHD, lazy eyes or learning difficulties are their speciality, after testing and seeing where the problem lies they can also put an individual programme together which will monitor your child’s progress and help turn their school results around.

Every parent wants the best for their child and wants them to enjoy school life. If your child is struggling or has trouble concentrating it may be worth getting their eyes checked by a professional optician, who has time to investigate what’s going on behind the eye’s surface and can give you reassurance or help for your child early on.

They even supply contact lenses for children, which I was unaware of! If you are interested in contacting the Cheltenham practise their website is www.keithholland.co.uk  and the phone number  is  01242 233 500.