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Expecting a New Baby

Planning Tips
Are you expecting a new baby? Here are 5 great tips to get you started.

1. Be prepared have all your essential baby items in place.
2.Wash any new baby clothes before using them in non-biological liquid.
3.Have a list of contact numbers by the phone in case of emergency
4. Have a car seat fitted as you won’t be able to leave hospital without one.
5. Get some rest and cook some healthy meals and freeze them.

Enjoy those last few weeks and if anyone asks, particularly grandparents what baby gifts you would like, I can recommend these invaluable blankets for babies which are suitable keeping a new born warm. The blankets come in a variety of colours and wash really well time and time again. Take a look at these beautiful, knitted blankets from the Stripy Company their web address is  http://www.thestripycompany.co.uk . They will even supply a hand written card with your gift.