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Easter Holidays End-New School Term

Now the Easter holidays have come to an end the new school term starts tomorrow for many children. Some boys and girls will be starting school for the first time, this can be a very scary and daunting time especially for the parents. Most children will be happy to go off and make new friends and start using their brains again instead of playing with friends or brother and sisters.
If your child is attending for the first time try not to let any worries you have show. Give your child lots of praise, encouragement and reassurance about how wonderful the day will be.
Checklist for attending a new nursery or Primary School:
• Make sure your child knows the teachers name
• Where the toilets are
• Who is collecting them at the end of the day
• They have a special comfort toy (if permitted)
• A packed lunch/snack
• The correct uniform with easy to fasten shoes /clothes
Most children settle in very easily and will enjoy making new friends and telling you all about their day when they return- beware there may be a few tears as children often get worn out after the first day so make extra allowences at the end of the day and ensure you child goes to bed early to be well rested for more fun the following day.