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Coping with Children after with Divorce or Separation



Are you facing a new start, new job and trying to uphold your New Years’ Resolutions?

Some people will be glad to have Christmas over with and looking forward to having a fresh start to the New Year while others may be feeling unsure about the changes this year is going to bring.

Change can be a positive thing, however it can also be a little daunting such as if you’re returning to work, facing separation or leaving your baby or toddler with a new nursery or child minder. These situations can be hard to deal with especially if your child gets upset when you leave. Here are some tips for you to ease the situation:

1. Leave your baby or child with friends and family for extended periods leading up to your return to work.

2. Get organised and plan ahead, this will save time, energy and help reduce any stress.

3. Decide what’s realistic and invest in outside help if you need it, rather than trying to cope on your own or letting your health or sleep suffer.

4. Share the workload and discuss new ways of dealing with stressful moments or take up a new hobby/exercise routine to give yourself some ‘time out’.

5. Join our Mummy Meltdown Club and enjoy saving time, learning about your child and making new friends- we have lots in store for the New Year.