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Christmas Presents for older kids

When it comes to Christmas presents for children how do you decide what to buy for them? Do you set a budget per child, do you give them money to buy their own presents or simply buy what they ask for regardless of cost? I know many children especially boys who are hoping for a PS3, not only is it a costly gift then next hurdle is finding a shop that has them in stock! There is always a run on  a particular gift primary school children all want, they declare,  “all my friends have got one”, this only serves to fuel a parents guilt further particularly if you don’t have the funds to spend £250 or so on their desired gift.

Once you find the ideal present it often requires ‘extra’s’ to go with it, i.e . additional games, parts or  if buying clothes you need to buy the shoes and accessories to go with an outfit, there is always something to spend your hard earned cash on, no wonder many parents end up feeling stressed. Next week I’m starting my 12 days of “How to reduce Christmas Stress” for mums that are feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of having to ‘fit everything in’ and stay sane enough to enjoy Christmas Day!

If it’s not the stress of buying and finding the perfect or an unusual gift for someone who has everything, it’s working out who you will visit or where the children will spend Christmas with, if you have a step family. That must be a really hard choice to make if you are a single Mum or Dad who lives alone, it can be quite heart breaking and also quite a wrench for your children too, after all they wouldn’t want you to feel sad. I know some people take it in turns for who has the children on Christmas Eve to wake up with them in the morning. Whether you end up having them on Christmas Day  or Boxing Day each year it can still be difficult or seem unfair but if you want to go away it can makes things even trickier.

At this time of year we adults need to put our own thoughts and feelings aside and focus on making Christmas special for the kids’ sake and give them our blessings if you can’t be with them. The most important thing in a child’s life is not about what presents they receive, it’s about knowing they are loved and cherished by their family especially their parents.

What presents are you being asked to buy this Christmas by your children?