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Christmas Present Ideas for Children

Wow it is nearly the first of December and already the Christmas
season is in full swing, you are probably wondering what presents will I buy
the children this year? It can be so difficult to buy a present that someone will
really cherish. I can understand why relatives choose to give gift receipts or send money,
however nothing can beat the excitement of opening up a beautifully wrapped

There is so much choice and the world literally is our oyster now, we
have the opportunity to buy gifts from all over the world.

As a child getting a present of a new or exciting toy is the best thing ever and can cause many sleepless nights particularly in the build up to
Christmas.  I know many relatives like to buy for nieces and nephews and grandparents like to too, however they are not
always sure about what would suit children of different ages. Here is a gift list of suggestions that may help you buy a present that a child will love and treasure  rather than throw away in disgust or disappointment!

Baby Aged 0-6 Months

Rattles, Floor Babygym, cashmere blankets, mobile, soft ball, tactile toys, small mirror/black and white books/knitted
toys, pram or cot toy/snuggle blanket/toy

Baby Aged 6-12 Months

Small toys (not too small they can swallow parts) that they are able to
hold/chew and explore, posting boxes great for hand-eye co-ordination, stacking
blocks/cups , fabric books with characters to touch and point at, push and pull along toys/trolley/walker’s,  teething rings, musical toys that are easy to shake and hold.

Toddler Aged 1-2

At this age children are very active, once they start to walk they soon want to run, so anything that helps wear them out is good.

Push and pull along toys, light weight balls, stacking blocks, alphabet toys/chunky puzzles ideally with knobs on, books with stickers, books
that light up or have moveable characters /flaps, small sit on bikes/rocking horse, chalk or colouring boards. Sit in cars, sandpits and baby swings are also great outdoor presents.

Toddler Aged 3-4

At this age a child’s imagination is growing rapidly and they love to have a make believe world I would encourage this, you’ll be amazed at the
conversations you end up having!  They also have longer periods of concentration so you can encourage them to play short
games so they begin to learn all about sharing and taking turns, may need lots of practice!

Footballs, cooking and home items ie. iron, hoover, colouring sets (girls especially love these), card /simple board games, fuzzy felt
cars/trains/dolls + prams, bicycles, little people they can dress up/transform, dress up clothes construction toys, swords anything with flashing lights/sirens, wands, high heel shoes or fairy outfits  or anything pink for little girls , i-pad 2 not sure are necessary!

Toys for Children Aged 5-6

At this age children know pretty much what they like and dislike so
you need to be about more careful with your choices. They may for example love
horses, cooking, painting or football so anything associated with those would
be  a good choice. Other than that whatever is the latest craze or cinema hit will no doubt go down well too.
Girls also like  dressing up and putting on pretend make-up. Boys will probably love anything remote controlled (cars, helicopters
etc. or toys to build or construct.

Children Aged 7-8

Love making things and games that they can participate with others
with. Craft or sports or musical items are also good presents. Music, music
players or game boys are also popular along with X-boxes, I personally don’t
like these toys as they seem to transform your child (mainly son’s) into
someone who lives in another world and doesn’t respond to requests easily- if
you do buy one,  it is  best to limit its use. Riding/ski-ing or perhaps music lessons?

My recommended  top Best buys for a

New baby are a soft woollen blanket/comfort toy/keepsake silver or china gift

6-12 months baby hand held rattles/stacking blocks/cups/tactile toys

Toddler 1-2 Indoor All wooden toys. Another Great hit is a-Thomas colouring mat with water, paint magically appears and there’s no mess to clear up!

Outdoors Push along toys

Toddler 3-4  Girls Colouring/craft  sets/Boys construction sets/action toys  Bablance Bikes without pedals/wooden toy sets

Childre 5-6 Indoors Craft./activity or games

Outdoors Tyre swing- brilliant garden swing toy, very tough + bikes.

Children 7-8 Indoors Craft/sewing  or airfix toys Outdoors Space hopper+ bikes


Happy Christmas hunting and I hope this has given you some idea’s  of what to buy for young children this Christmas.

TIp- parents always prefer quieter presents so they can get some sleep at bedtime!

What is on your own list?