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Christmas Preparations

What Christmas preparations have you committed yourself to, putting up the Christmas tree, writing that food list, planning your outfit? I’m going to give you some tips to help keep those stress levels down.

I have managed to write all my Christmas cards and have not only bought the presents but have also managed to wrap them up too! How good do I feel, actually  I ‘ve had some late nights, well early mornings to be precise but fortunately have not been woken up in the night by excited children or had broken sleep with a new baby.

Here’s my tips for Day 1.

My 12 days of Christmas starts today, others I know have already started or even finished, however I like to make my own rules up. So here are some idea’s  you Mums (or Dads) may want to make a note of:

1. Finish Christmas gift list

2. Order turkey/sausages/ham/goose or whatever bird you eat from butchers.

3. Organise Christmas drinks party

4. Clean house before kids break up from school or nursery – better still hire a cleaner to do it for you, book NOW though via an agency !

5. Don’t make promises to your children regarding presents, suggest that Father Christmas will watching how well behaved they are but may not be able to buy everything on their Christmas wish list. Do go and reserve/order popular items if you want to keep the peace on Christmas Day.

Watch out for more idea’s tomorrow on how to reduce stress in your family. Don’t forget to write your own special gift list, a child’s christmas present may be important but you need rewarding too!