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Christmas Planning for your family

Christmas for your family
If you were planning Christmas for your family what would you be planning to eat? Would you have traditional turkey, goose, ham on the bone or something else? In different cultures there are different rituals or festivities for example in Sweden and Scandinavia they celebrate Christmas the night before and open their presents on Christmas Eve.
I was talking to someone today she told me that in their family they had three pies every Christmas, one was rabbit pie, second was Kentish pie and the third one was pumpkin pie. Although English I was a little unsure what Kentish pie was, apparently it is made with ground rice and mixed fruits and spices and has a pastry base and you can eat hot or cold. I must have a look out for the recipe, I do have to confess I love pumpkin pie and there must be many Americans who are looking forward to Thanksgiving later in the month, where it is traditional to have pumpkin pie along with turkey. I almost wish I was in America to celebrate with them, in fact a trip to the States for the Sanity Nanny would be wonderful!

Thanks to Fotolola for this great picture

Happy Family -Pumpkin Pie or halloween?

Is a pumpkin for Halloween carving or pumpkin pie? (Fotolola great picture)
At Christmas time in our family we tended to go to midnight mass and then we’d come home, open a few presents around the tree and then get up the following day and open the rest whilst the having breakfast. We would then have a big meal mid -afternoon which may be Turkey with all the trimmings although sometimes my mother would buy a capon, which is a large chicken because we three kids preferred this. This would be followed by Christmas pudding accompanied by brandy butter, cream or brandy sauce but was usually after a large gap to let our main course go down. We would also have crackers and wear silly hats throughout the meal and read out countless jokes. My father would always laugh at his own jokes he did have a good sense of humour, always recommended at Christmas time when family tension can run high!

What is traditional in your family, please share below.