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Children’s Death in Home Fire

Yesterday the news was that a 13 year old boy who had already lost his four brothers and one sister had also lost his life due to smoke from a fire in the family home. It i ssuch  a tragedy and the poor parents are now left to cope with the huge loss and emptiness. Dying in a fire due to burns must be one of the worse experiences anyone could suffer and a very painful recovery. Most parents worry about their child’s health and safety and there are a number area’s to watch out for, here my top 5 Safety Tips to help keep your children safe.

How can you protect your children?

1. Never let them play with matches. If your children go camping it is a good idea for you to show them how you light a match and teach them not to touch the end once the flame has gone out.

2. Keep all electrical sockets covered with protective covers, to stop little fingers poking things in them.

3. Keep all electrical wires from T.V. computers out the way of toddlers or babies that are crawling, boys in particular always make a beeline for them.

4. Never leave a hot drink on a surface which a child can reach or stretch out too, it is so quick for accidents with hot water to happen and very painful too for a young child.

5. Always hold your child’s hand near  a busy road or keep them very close to you if you have older children. With young toddlers you can use a safety harness particularly useful if you have a baby to push in a buggy.

Let me know if you have any great tips to share to keep children safe.