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Children-Confidence & Self Esteem

Confident Child-Cheshire cat
There I always a message in children’s nursery rhymes or childhood stories, which if we look closer are applicable to us as adults. How often do we take time to apply the same lessons to our own lives? We all learn something new every day however small it may be, it might be a conversation with your child or someone at work or simply learning a new or easier way of doing something. When we know how to do something properly our self-esteem increases and we feel proud of ourselves and this applies to everything we do.

In Alice in Wonderland Alice asks the Cheshire Cat which road shall I take?
“Where are you going?” he asked.
“I don’t really know” Alice replied.
“Then it doesn’t really matter which road you take”.
If we all want to get somewhere in life or choose the right path we have to know where we want to go or what we want to achieve, if we don’t have a starting point or an end goal we won’t know when we’ve got there and subsequently we may not reward ourselves for our success. Being rewarded is essential in all aspects of life whether that be your salary, a treat for the kids or a holiday, when you’ve worked hard and had a goal or target in mind you can feel proud of your achievements.

Kids need to be motivated and cajoled when things get tough or scary, this is all part of growing up. Do not be tempted to do too much for them otherwise they will not master that skill of being independent and feeling satisfied with their own efforts. It really doesn’t matter if they make a mistake or whether something’s not perfect, it’s the experience that counts. Feeling a sense of hardship or fear of the unknown along the way is what will help your child become a believer and achiever rather than someone who sits on the sidelines and thinks, “I wish I could do that” without having the confidence to try.
Teach your kids by giving them praise for their efforts and watch their confidence grow. It will inspire others along the way, you’ll then end up seeing your child grinning like a Cheshire cat!