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Cheltenham Children’s Schools

Yesterday I went to a networking event at Cheltenham Junior School organised by Nina of Ask Baby magazine. It was lovely to meet all the local mums in business, there are some really talented ladies who have taken an idea and actually ‘made it happen’.

Our day began with a talk by Scott Bryan headmaster of Cheltenham Junior School he spoke of what education is all about in the 21st century and how they have adapted their curriculum to enable children to cope in the modern and future world of technology. He also spoke about confidence and self-esteem being of great importance too. This however is not something that is taught at school, it is something that a child acquires through motivation and supportive relationships.

Several parents I’ve spoken to recently have mentioned their child seems to lacking in confidence and I  have recommended Think It Product Cd’s  which help children aged 2-11 boost confidence and help children feel better about themselves. They work by playing relaxing music specially designed for children to listen to, ideally before going to bed at the same time they hear positive affirmations which go into their sub-conscious mind. It’s really simple concept but a very effective and natural way to help a child who is feeling a bit left out or that he/she has no friends, as they all tend to do at some point!

We also heard about how an adventurous mum who was frustrated with lack of quality boy shoes for her son at reasonable prices, set up her own company to cater for this need. She ended up going to Italy and now has a beautiful range of leather shoes for boys which is called  which really are lovely. She also announced that later on in the year she is going to product a ‘cool girls shoes range’  so keep a look out.

If you know of any great products that you’ve found recently why not mention them on the blog?