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Celebrity babies-Una Healy & Ben Foden

Una Healy a singer with The Saturdays has announced she’s pregnant which was a suprise but a happy one at that!  Her rugby-player boyfriend Ben Foden is playing in New Zealand at the moment in the Rugby World Cup.  They are both very excited I wonder which talents the baby will pick up from his or her parents?

Baby’s are always full of suprises, where do you start planning what to do next? Do you wait and get things later into the pregancy not wanting to befall any fate or simply get started straight away planning a nursery for baby, looking at beautiful baby clothes and all the designer baby prams and buggy’s. There is so much to choose from, it can be quite bewildering, here’s where I would start.

Write down all the essential items, here’s a list of the items I would recommend you sart with, of course you can add lots more according to your family budget.

Car seat

Pram-1-2 sheets/2-3 blankets

Moses basket/cot

Changing mat/table

Steriliser/bottles/bottle brush

Baby Clothes

3-4 All in one suits

2-3 vests

Pair of booties

1-2 cardigans/cotton tops with/without sleeves

Outdoor clothing


Bath lotions/sponge/nail scissors/creams etc


There is always so many things to buy, if you make a list well in advance you will feel more relaxed and can add to it as time goes by. If you leave things until later on, you may panic especially if you get whisked into hospital early. Definately have the basics organised 6 weeks before your due date, it will give you something to do and give you time to start thinking about your new arrival. It would also be great if you are having a baby shower to show friends your baby list and let them decide what to buy for you.

Once you have everything organised you can put your feet up and look forward to catching up on some much needed rest before your baby comes into the world. Designer clothes will be a special treat, now you will be buying them in a smaller size!

Maybe Ben will suprise Una and bring back some wonderful merino wool baby clothes or a gorgeously soft sheepskin rug, which has great calming qualities with a new born baby.