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Caught Up with Sleep?

Have you caught up with sleep and recovered from the ‘busyness’ and excitement of Christmas and come back to work feeling refreshed and revived or come back to work for a rest from relatives?

baby and toddler playing

Mum can you read my book?

Whether you are a working parent or stay at home mum one thing is for sure, things will change this year as your child grows. We often take this for granted, however are you ready for what’s in store?

Being a parent is one of the hardest jobs in the world and for anyone who is expecting a baby, you will soon find out as you begin a new journey in your life. Going from a couple to a family is extremely exciting, it can also be nerve racking and is likely to test you in ways you never knew existed. Some may believe you will be immune from all the hype and cope with sleepless nights as when you look at your child, your heart just melts and you find the stamina and strength to carry on, through thick and thin. Spending 24 hours with a baby is part of your new role and responsibility and when your child reaches toddlerhood or teenage years, you’ll probably look back and ask, how did we do it and have we done a good job?

Every parent wants the very best for their child and strives hard to achieve this, however leading a busy life and trying to hold down a demanding job can take its toll at times. Imagine if you had help and support at every stage and could have someone who’s been through what you’re experiencing, to support and guide you through the maze or able to guide you on how to get your baby to peacefully sleep through the night or organize your life to smoothly adapt to the changes in routines and your relationship.

This is the area that few parents ever get help and support with, yet it is the area that causes the most stress and conflict as your child grows and your work commitments increase. Ever stop to think about what’s going well for you and your child, what could be improved and what are you not prepared for or going to put up with any longer? Getting organised and focused now, is what will ensure that you fully enjoy and a Happy New Year and achieve a flowing work/life balance.

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