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Cats and baby’s crying

Ever wondered how to get your baby to sleep? Must watch this it’s so cute and cheaper than a nanny! Would you let your cat this close to a new born baby?
I really believe that animals can be great friends with children and it is good to teach children about caring for animals but to watch this is incredible, shows how connected we all are.
If you have an animal in the house I would recommend that you never leave them alone with a young child just in case they turn on them. Some cats bite or get jealous just like older siblings. Toddlers can be kind and loving one minute and attacking or pinching the next, as soon as your back is turned.
How has your family life changed since you’ve had a new baby, has everyone adapted well or have you had to enforce some new rules or be extra vigilant?
Pets and children Top tips
• Always use a cat net if your baby is sleeping and there is a cat around, particularly in the garden.
• Wash a child’s hand if they stroke pets and especially before eating food.
• Show children how to be gentle around animals, particularly ones they don’t know.
• Don’t let cats or dogs sleep in a child’s room
• Keep pet food and water bowls out of the way of inquistitive toddlers!

How has your pet adapted to your children, what tips do you have to share?