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Baby won’t Sleep

Becoming a new, second or third time parent plus can be hard work and new challenges arise particularly if the baby won’t sleep. Of course if you’ve had a baby before you are expected to ‘know what to do’, however every baby is different and each birth is too. If you’ve had complications or had […]

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Mums Returning to Work

  Baby Arthur 6 months A you a new mum returning to work wondering just how you’ll get through the day and how your baby or toddler will cope with the separation? Whilst you may be looking forward to the excitement of seeing work colleagues and having a break from the housework or baby groups […]

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Toddler- Tears Before Nursery

  When you’ve got a child that goes to nursery happily and then suddenly they don’t want to go or there are always tears before you leave the house for nursery, it’s hard to know the reason why. I have had a few mums recently that are worried about their child and questioning whether they […]

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Mini-Montessori in Cheltenham

I’m going to be offering Mini-Montessori classes for parents with children aged 1-7 over the summer, so I thought I’d write a bit about what Montessori Education is all about. In a nutshell, it’s a systematic way of individual learning and teaching children of all ages using their senses and the environment. This enables a […]

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Sanity, Sleep & Your New Baby

I love you xxx Sanity & Your New Baby-Are you dreading the sleepless nights and relishing the thought of holding and caring for your new born baby and then wondering just how you’ll cope with sleep deprivation and retain your sanity all at the same time? New baby’s will of course need constant attention in […]

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Death of a Child

Today April 28th is the anniversary of a little girl’s death who fell from a window aged 3. She was one of the most lively, confident children I’ve ever looked after. She would skip down the street, say hello to everyone and have a big smile on her face. She was simply a fearless child, […]

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Preparing New Parents for Lack of Sleep

Yesterday I was interviewed for a radio broadcast by a budding journalist about how to prepare new parents for lack of sleep in the early weeks. Can you ‘bank it up beforehand’ was an idea that was floated? If someone could develop a technique to do just that they would become a multi-millionaire! In all […]

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BBC Radio Interview-Early Infant Care and Baby Sleep

Last week I was in London at a Neo-Natal and Early Infant Care Conference with some wonderful and highly trained Dr’s and physicians who shared the latest research about baby care practices in UK hospitals. Well more to the point it was about changing aspects of care and how good bonding and skin to skin […]

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5 Simple Ways to Entertain your Child on a Budget this Christmas

  With Christmas just around the corner and colder nights we’re all beginning to think of Christmas, families and how to make our money go further. Seeing children so excited is wonderful, however at Christmas with all the adverts and inviting shop windows, many children wish for things that may be beyond your budget but […]

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