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International Women’s Day

dad and newborn

It’s great that women get recognized from around the world and that men are acknowledging how amazing women are too and the part we play in raising children and shaping the world. Today I was impressed by the number of men who were celebrating with us and involved in spreading the word about how wonderful […]

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Why a Stubborn Child may not really be stubborn

What makes a stubborn child refuse to listen or co-operate or behave badly in public and at home? Many a parent has told me they have a stubborn child, however in most cases there is a good reason for your child’s behaviour, it may just not seem obvious to you as view this behaviour as […]

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Toddler Refusing to Go to Bed

When you have a baby you expect sleepless nights, however when you’re toddler suddenly starts playing up and refusing to go to sleep and it all happens at the end of the day or middle of the night when you’re totally exhausted, what can you do? Dealing with a new behaviour in your toddler can […]

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How to prepare your child for nursery or a new school

When your baby or toddler grows or it is time for you to go back to work, it can come as a shock when you find yourself preparing your child for nursery and having to leave them with the care of others.  It is often a little daunting and a bit scary for both mother […]

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What you need to know to avoid those Tantrums

What you need to know to avoid those Toddler Tantrums! Do you regularly find your child saying “no, I don’t want to”, wanting something that they can’t have or refusing to eat the food you’ve put on the table? You are not alone, the best way to avoid these tantrums and outbursts is to try […]

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Sanity Nanny-Easter News

  Last month the Sanity Nanny took a long awaited break before Easter and went to Morocco, what a fun place to visit. Marrakech was extremely frenetic but very friendly. One of the things that struck me about my trip was how everyone had to struggle to survive although some residents were quite wealthy and lived in […]

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London Olympics

Wow, another gorgeous summers day, you can’t help but be enthused by how well the athletes and whole GB Team are doing in the London Olympics. I expect there are many proud parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents and of course dedicated coaches. If you are a proud parent of an Olympic winner I expect you will […]

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EYE Eye -Now I Can See You!

For many parents having an Eye Test is not necessarily something on the list of most parents before their child starts school. I recently met Claire Holland who’s a warm and friendly optician. She and her husband have a wonderful practice in Cheltenham, that caters specifically for young children and their families. Keith Holland’s reputation […]

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Christmas Present Ideas for Children

Wow it is nearly the first of December and already the Christmas season is in full swing, you are probably wondering what presents will I buy the children this year? It can be so difficult to buy a present that someone will really cherish. I can understand why relatives choose to give gift receipts or send money, however nothing […]

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Baby Language

pics babys When toddlers begin to talk it sounds really amusing, especially when they mix their words up or they can’t quite pronounce things it all sounds a bit goo goo gaga. Everyone always loves it when you can communicate with a young child and begin to have a two-way conversation. What is really astounding […]

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