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 The Highs and Lows of Parenthood

                         What does it take to go from being an Ordinary parent to an ExtraOrdinary parent? Every Mum or Dad works hard to keep their child happy and wants to give their baby or child the best start in life but it is amazing how difficult can this be in the first year or two […]

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Working Mums and Fertility

Recently I’ve met a number of working mums who are having their first child in later life after establishing a solid career or business for themselves. It’s never easy to decide ‘when is exactly the ‘right’ time to have a baby but one thing is for sure that having a child in later life does […]

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Newport Baby Show

Have you got your tickets yet? If you’ve got any burning sleep questions or queries about your child’s sleep why not email me or come and meet me at the show. Looking forward to seeing all the lovely babies and toddlers and all the latest gadgets for parents with young children. I do believe Peppa Pig is […]

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12-12-12 New Babies In Bangalore

Mothers queue up for 12-12-12 babi BANGALORE:Mums are clambering to have their babies born on 12-12-12 and no wonder because it is the last opportunity this century.  Expectant mothers are wholeheartedly trying to have thier babies delivered on this very special and spiritual day. With just two days to go until December 12, mothers-to-be expected to be queuing at hospitals […]

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Kate Middleton & Prince William are Pregnant!

Wonderful news this week to hear that Kate Middleton and Prince William are pregnant and expecting their first child. Poor Kate seems to be suffering from the extreme pregnancy sickness, which will hopefully settle down. It’s strange how some mums suffer very badly with morning sickness whilst others barely know they are pregnant. The queen […]

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Baby Blues & Post Natal Depression

Most new mums have a touch of the baby blues immediately after having a new baby in fact 35% of women suffer from some form of post natal depression. It is a real worry for mums who have suffered from depression in the past and these mums need careful monitoring as they are more susceptible […]

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New baby Development & Parenting Relationships

                       New Brain Research: Coaching parents changes children This is a great reason for parents to consider hiring a baby coach in those first few months. The impact on your child’s emotional development is now being fully recognised after a study in America. A research investigation, deployed over several years called Bringing Baby Home consisted of exposing expectant […]

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Parenting Blog Awards

How many talented Mums are there out there? I’m amazed that Mums who’ve been up in the night feeding their baby or tending to a wakeful toddler still have time and energy to write a blog! I guess it is also a great way to show off your latent ‘Mummy talents’  especially if you are woken up […]

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Sleep and Pregnancy

Are you a shift worker trying to get pregnant month after month with no success? If you are perhaps a nurse on night shifts, emergency worker, or someone who works late into the night and has distrupted sleep patterns, it could be affecting your chances of getting pregnant. If your desire is to have a […]

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