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Is your child underweight or overweight?

In Australia a Dietician Rebecca Byrne, at Queensland University of Technology lead a study and asked 276 mothers to describe their 12-16 month old toddlers as either underweight, normal weight or overweight. Astonishingly most mothers under estimate their child’s weight and are putting their child’s health at risk. The shocking statistics came back and only […]

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London Olympics

Wow, another gorgeous summers day, you can’t help but be enthused by how well the athletes and whole GB Team are doing in the London Olympics. I expect there are many proud parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents and of course dedicated coaches. If you are a proud parent of an Olympic winner I expect you will […]

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Baby Sunscreen

Fun in the sun! According to a skin care expert in America parents should use baby sunscreen that includes one or both of these ingredients: zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. They create a physical barrier from the sun rather than a chemical one, which is safer for a baby’s delicate skin. Parents are adivsed to use […]

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Depression And Baby Sleep

Depression And Baby Sleep: Vicious Cycle There’s a fascinating new parenting study out that caught our eye at The Chart. It involves the sleep habits of babies and toddlers. Posted: 5:42 PM Apr 17, 2012 Reporter: CNN (Posted by Kion Hudson) Research suggests if mom is depressed, she’s more likely to wake her baby up […]

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EYE Eye -Now I Can See You!

For many parents having an Eye Test is not necessarily something on the list of most parents before their child starts school. I recently met Claire Holland who’s a warm and friendly optician. She and her husband have a wonderful practice in Cheltenham, that caters specifically for young children and their families. Keith Holland’s reputation […]

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Pregnant Mum?

Having a new baby is a very exciting and sometimes nerve racking experience for a pregnant mum, whilst most of the focus is on your new child you also need to think about looking after your own health. If you suffer from morning sickness it can be difficult to maintain your appetite and energy levels. We all know we […]

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