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London Olympic Marathon

Well today is the last day of the London Olympics, it seems many families are out joining the crowds with babies and toddlers on parents shoulders in order to get a glimpse of the great athletes running in the London Marathon. Although young children may not be able to fully recall the event later in […]

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London Olympics

Wow, another gorgeous summers day, you can’t help but be enthused by how well the athletes and whole GB Team are doing in the London Olympics. I expect there are many proud parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents and of course dedicated coaches. If you are a proud parent of an Olympic winner I expect you will […]

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Olympic Baby Training

Don’t you just love babies,  check out these sporty tots doing personal  training  let’s face it children are Olympic Stars everyday in one way or another. If you were entering your child for an Olympic gold medal, what would they succeed in most? I always believe that children are born with innate talents and it’s our job […]

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