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Business Success V Quality Family Life?


Balancing family life with business is often hard work, do you ever stop and ponder where your time and freedom went, as your children are growing fast and you are working harder than expected? Most parents are great at what they do in business and are at the top of their game, yet often when […]

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Why a Stubborn Child may not really be stubborn

What makes a stubborn child refuse to listen or co-operate or behave badly in public and at home? Many a parent has told me they have a stubborn child, however in most cases there is a good reason for your child’s behaviour, it may just not seem obvious to you as view this behaviour as […]

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Valentines -Big Celebrations + Lots of LOVE?

Valentines cards, Red Roses, Chocolates and expensive Gifts is this just be bit of hype and money making for those in the publishing, gifts and flower business or is it something to take more seriously? Every woman I know loves a bouquet of flowers from a loved one but somehow, not all men realise how […]

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Procrastinating or Perfectly Happy

Procrastination or Perfectly Happy, Energised Parent? What’s going on at home can leave you ecstatic or frantically coping and flustered. Not getting your child to Sleep Eat or Co-operate the way you want them to can cost your dearly in terms of: TIME MONEY ENERGY or FRUATRATION each and every day. What value is your […]

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Toddlers – New Behaviour

Happy toddler drinking quietly

Toddler New behaviour-How to manage children at the end of the day. Dealing with a new behaviour in your toddler can be a real challenge, particularly when it’s been a long day and they get their ‘second wind’ directly after tea. This is when you may find yourself flagging even more or end up yelling […]

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Two brothers aged five and six

This is a joke I heard yesterday and wanted to share as it demonstrates how parents tend to worry about the wrong things and also how professionals can get surprises from clients too!  I discovered that it was first heard from (President) Reagan.It is to do with two sons, one an optimist and the other […]

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A Royal Baby – Day 2 Essential Tips From the Sanity Nanny

  Celebrations, Pre-Birth Preparations & What to expect in Month One   Day Two Your Parenting Ideals   As a new or expectant parent most people are focused purely on the birth and the safe arrival of their baby and rightly so, however have you and your partner sat down to discuss the future you’d […]

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EYE Eye -Now I Can See You!

For many parents having an Eye Test is not necessarily something on the list of most parents before their child starts school. I recently met Claire Holland who’s a warm and friendly optician. She and her husband have a wonderful practice in Cheltenham, that caters specifically for young children and their families. Keith Holland’s reputation […]

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Baby Business

Are you a parent who has worked in the business environment before having your own child? If you are used to being surrounded by adults and a busy office, life at home with a brand new baby may be quite a shock to the system. You may feel like this is the biggest task you […]

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Children-Confidence & Self Esteem

Confident Child-Cheshire cat There I always a message in children’s nursery rhymes or childhood stories, which if we look closer are applicable to us as adults. How often do we take time to apply the same lessons to our own lives? We all learn something new every day however small it may be, it might […]

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