Stay at home Mum with baby not sleeping

Stay at home mum with Toddler (aged 4 years) and baby (aged 4 months) requiring feeds every two hours night and day. After visiting her GP and speaking to a health visitor this client felt she had post natal depression and wanted to give up breast feeding as she was physically and mentally exhausted.

Everyone at home was being affected and it was putting a strain on her relationship and older child too. After two days, I helped get the baby to sleep through from 7-7am and into a 4 hourly routine in the day and mum choose to carry on breast feeding. Everything at home began to feel calmer again and Mum felt her life was back in control and her children were much happier because of it too.

I continued to support this family over a period of time and joined them in New Zealand too. Months later, Mum was finally diagnosed with post natal depression and given medication. She later disclosed to me that the week before I arrived, she had managed to save herself from a near death experience, despite loving her family dearly and having two gorgeous, well behaved, healthy children.

I am not a medical professional however, I do have a great understanding and time for Mums who are doing their best but are thoroughly exhausted and can’t think straight or focus properly when under stress or feeling depressed and have almost given up. There is always ways forward and the hardest part is often taking that first step to ask for help. If you can’t do it for yourself, do it for your child’s sake.

A year later, life New Zealand brought them all closer together and they experienced a new life full of beaches, sun and family fun. What could happen if you got more help?