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Child’s Bad Behaviour & Tantrums


Child Behaviour-Case Study
A working mother with children aged 6 and 3 was concerned about worsening tantrums and difficult child behaviour and experiencing new sleep patterns with her six year old. Mum worked part time, however her daughters’challenging behaviour had suddenly deteriorated, she was increasingly more defiant and had taken to waking in the night causing disturbance to the rest of the household. The situation was a great shock to her parents, both were struggling to overcome her emotionally challenging and draining tantrums.

Working long hours Dad failed to recognize how bad it was, initially he was reluctant to get help.Their younger son Henry was the complete opposite to Sally. He was confident, happy go lucky and really was a perfect child that everyone adored. Having self-doubt and ‘Mum guilt’ Kit questioned whether she should give up her job? Under the surface she worried that there may have been mental health issues with her daughter. She was adamant about anything to be disclosed to the school nurse though and was assured of full confidentiality.

At first Sally seemed a real challenge, even for me and I could see why mum and Dad needed help. However after one session and some new techniques their family life changed for the better. As I left the house Paul spoke privately, he thanked me for what I had show him and how I had calmed the situation down with Sally. After my visit he did acknowledge the exhaustion it was causing and how it was dominating and impacting every area of their family life and thoroughly diminishing their family harmony, particularly at the weekends.

The outcome

I guided them through my Sleep & Family Transformation programme and with some new techniques and hand holding, they got the calmer life they craved. After our work together the family had addressed the sleep issues, forged a much closer relationship and had a far better understanding of their daughters challenging behaviour. More importantly: they had all the skills and tools to effectively overcome matters if she happens to fly off the handle again or refuses to co-operate at bedtimes.

Mum thankfully kept her job that she enjoyed /em which easily covered my fee), and Dad became more involved and supportive. I’m so proud that they achieved things mostly by themselves and everyone now feels closer and has a greater understanding of each others needs.

How quickly did it take for behaviour changes to happen?

Significant progress was achieved in week one, however the rest of the 3 month programme ensured everything has stayed calm and was fully embedded with the follow on support on hand, life at home family and outings have become fun again for everyone. Mum even found the confidence to take her daughter on family holidays again, this had previously been stressful a experience and consequently restricted family trips, due to Sally’s unpredictable behaviour.