Child Behaviour & Concerned Mother

I was contacted by a working mum with two children aged 6 and 3. Mum had mostly worked part time however her daughters’ behaviour had deteriorated and she had taken to waking in the night and disturbing the rest of the household. This was a shock to mum and Dad and both were having difficultly overcoming her very emotionally challenging and draining tantrums.

Working long hours Dad couldn’t see how bad it was and initially was reluctant to get help.Their younger son Henry was the complete opposite to Sally. He was confident, happy go lucky and a child everyone adored. Mum had considered whether she should give up her job and worried herself that there may have been something wrong with her daughter but didn’t want anything to be disclosed via the school nurse. She wanted the issue kept private as she felt it was an ‘ home’ issue and was assured of the confidentiality.

Sally initally was a real challenge for me and I could see why mum and Dad needed help. However after one session and some new techniques their family life changed for the better, (despite Dad not thinking there was a real issue) before enlisting help. After my visit he did realise the exhaustion it was causing and how it was completely dominating and impacting every area of their family life and happiness at home.

The outcome

Over several weeks I took them through my signature programme and with some new techniques and hand holding they got the family life they craved. Over time they addressed the issues and forged a much closer relationship and understanding of their daughters behaviour and more importantly, they learn how to effectively overcome things when she flew off the handle or refused to sleep alone.

Mum kept her job that she enjoyed (which easily covered my fee), Dad became more involved and supportive and everyone now feels closer and has a greater understanding of each others needs.

With new boundaries in place, a full nights’ sleep has returned and it has allowed mum to feel confident enough to take her daughter on family holidays again, which had previously been a stressful situation and restricted their family trips due to the unpredictable behaviour.

How quickly did it take for changes to happen?

Significant progress was achieved in week one, however the rest of the 3 month programme ensured everything has stayed calm and was fully embedded with the follow on support on hand and there is a new quality to life at home family and outings have become fun again for everyone.