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Business Success V Quality Family Life?


Qualify family time

Balancing family life with business is often hard work, do you ever stop and ponder where your time and freedom went, as your children are growing fast and you are working harder than expected? Most parents are great at what they do in business and are at the top of their game, yet often when it turns to home life there are aspects of childcare that get you down and zap your energy.

As a dedicated parent you want to spend quality time with your children and be able to grow your business, without one suffering more than the other. Deep down, you know things could be easier and without making changes, your health is suffering, your partner and children are not getting the best of you because you are so exhausted. The ‘parent guilt’ is piling up on your shoulders.

Family life you know is not supposed to be like this. You are aware that if you could get more sleep, your clarity and focus would return, you would feel calmer and have more time and energy to spend with your baby or child and everyone at home would feel happier. Life really would be far more simple, yet you have a nagging doubt, something inside that stops you from taking that step forward because you may get ‘found out’, or worse still; you may discover your children are worse than everyone else’s and this is something you will have to live with, after all you chose to become a parent.

Imagine family life if these voices in your head could disappear, that your baby would sleep all night long and your child would listen to your requests and family relationships being the best they’ve ever been. I bet you would feel like a superstar, one who could enjoy their cake, eat it and be proud of your achievements not only in the office, but when at home or out and about with your children?

Let me help shape your family’s future, recharge your batteries and take away those frustrations so you can be the parent you want to be, be admired professionally and get paid well too.

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Happy Parents-Happy Children