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Business Success For Mummy’s

Are you a stay at home mum who is thinking about starting her own business but not sure where to start? It can be a really daunting process and many mums feel a little less confident going back to work after having children, so I got together with a colleague of mine and persuaded her to share her work. We have decided to help mums like you who want more for themselves or wish to improve their family wealth.

Marie Claire Carlyle is a well-known Author, Speaker and Money Magnet Coach and with my parenting knowledge we have combined our work to produce a fabulous webinar series to help give you a boost. If you’re still pondering over how to start your own business or work out what your family values are or want to learn more about coaching, it will make a change from watching T.V at the end of the day! Even if you aren’t ready to go back to work after your baby or children you can still enjoy the series.

Indulge yourself, take time to listen and you will find new ways to improve your home life in a way you’ve probably never thought of before!

All you need to do is register your name and sign up for the new webinar series, “Head Start for Mums”. There is NO subscription or catch. It’s simple, all you do is need to sit back and listen in your own free time.

I guarantee it will be worth making time for any of you who wish to start their own business. If you are interested in a fun, light hearted, coaching programme for business mums, then register on the site and mark your email “Head Start 4 Business Mums”. I will arrange for you to receive this 6 part series co-created with Marie-Claire Carlyle the UK’s Money Magnet Coach . Did I mention there is NO COST, for those that register now.

We look forward to helping your family life improve, as you learn more about what you can do to have more in your life.

Think big and watch your bank balance grow!