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7 Ways to have a STRESS-FREE Christmas

7 Ways to have a STRESS-FREE Christmas I know you are busy and probably already feeling the build-up to Christmas, so I thought I’d give you a few Sanity Nanny ‘quick tips’ to help keep you smiling and your feet firmly on the ground. 1. Don’t plan too far ahead -everything is bound to change […]

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Christmas and Childcare- Joy or Just never ending?

I love this time of year, Christmas is exciting just like when a new baby is about to join your family. Everyone falls in love with him or her and tells you how wonderful you are, very soon though; you are left all day with a baby who also wakes up all night long too. […]

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How to be a non ‘shouty’ Dad

Do you often play around with your kids and enjoy a bit of rough and tumble and then something happens that causes you to snap and become a ‘shouty’ Dad within moments? Often in these circumstances, it further exacerbates the situation and your child still doesn’t do what you request. Instead, they go off to […]

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Family Life Summer Haven for Busy Mums

It is summer and isn’t it a joy to have this wonderful sunshine, it certainly makes family life and looking after children a lot more fun for mums. Having a baby or toddler to look after or school age children off school is not a bed of roses for everyone though. As a parent, you […]

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Baby will not Sleep

Life for a new parent is very busy and when you have a baby who will not sleep, it can cause immense concern. Naturally you want to protect your child and when they continue to cry and will not sleep day or night, you may find it hard to know what to do next. Some […]

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Whitsun Bank Holiday-New Baby Book

Today is the start of the half term and Whitsun Bank Holiday, I’m really excited not because I’m going camping or on holiday, it’s because my new book ‘Wits’End to Wise Parent’ is about to go to print. Like anything new and certainly those expecting or who have recently had a new baby, it brings […]

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Business Success V Quality Family Life?


Balancing family life with business is often hard work, do you ever stop and ponder where your time and freedom went, as your children are growing fast and you are working harder than expected? Most parents are great at what they do in business and are at the top of their game, yet often when […]

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International Women’s Day

It’s great that women get recognized from around the world and that men are acknowledging how amazing women are too and the part we play in raising children and shaping the world. Today I was impressed by the number of men who were celebrating with us and involved in spreading the word about how wonderful […]

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Night time Is Coming

Are your children sleeping soundly? Do you look forward to bedtimes with your children or does the mention of bedtime and bath time send you in to a spin as your stress levels rise? In our family we had pretty calm bed times and were always in bed by 6.30-7pm, I think my mother had […]

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