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Birthday Card

Birthday Card

This week I received a home-made birthday card, how lovely I thought until I saw my age


Creative young talent

emblazoned on it!

My 10 year old niece had taken it upon herself to do some research on the internet and found the term “Swinging sixties” which she wrote on my card, then found some gorgeous pictures, printed them and cut them all out. Now here was me thinking that she must have spent hours going through some old magazines found in a loft or car boot sale but no, it was all done with the aid of a computer, a bright mind and a printer. Her mother was rather upset that she had not received the same thought and artwork with her own birthday card- how privileged was I?

Along with the card came a ‘home-sewn’ cupcake complete with chocolate sprinkles (the slimmer’s version!) so thoughtful and creative, despite it being beyond bedtime that evening, she did a wonderful job. I love doing creative project with children or at least inspiring them and then seeing what they come up with.

I was also informed that her brother  aged 10 had been up to ‘no good’ and had been banned from the computer so he’d taken himself in to the garage, along the way he’d swiped a few aerosol cans and began experimenting with various ingredients. The aerosol can was replaced afterwards although it felt full it strangely no longer worked? He then leapt up to tell his mother that he knew ‘why’ and promptly took the pin out that he had inserted!

I was also told he’d been experimenting with hair gels and making his own with some concoction and white glue, he hasn’t even got older brothers to blame nor is he at boarding school, they do start young these days don’t they?

Love to hear what your little ‘darlings’ get up to and how they keep themselves entertained. Any pictures of home -made birthday cards would be great too!