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BBC Radio Interview-Early Infant Care and Baby Sleep

Last week I was in London at a Neo-Natal and Early Infant Care Conference with some wonderful and highly trained Dr’s and physicians who shared the latest research about baby care practices in UK hospitals. Well more to the point it was about changing aspects of care and how good bonding and skin to skin contact is and how highly beneficial it is during the first few hours and weeks after birth. This early mother/child care is essential to help your child fall into full sleep/wake cycles and form good sleep patterns. Dr. Nils Bergman is from Sweden but lives in S. Africa. He is undertaking some powerful and interesting new studies relating to babies and children, for more information look on his website

This week I had a mum tell me her daughter slept till 8.20 and still looked tired, this is a sharp contrast to a week ago! I reminded her that going from waking 6 times a night last week, that she should be very grateful and could mean her daughter was going through a growth spurt, the same as her baby who is now starting to kick her ribs! She is so relieved to get her toddlers sleep sorted before the new baby arrives, as coping with a toddler and a new baby awake throughout the night is extremely hard work.

Today is a special day, it’s my brothers and my late fathers’ birthday. My mum never believed the Doctors when they told her gave her the due date but he arrived spot on time!

It is also the day I’m being featured on BBC Radio Gloucestershire’s lunchtime show discussing baby and child sleep matters (104.7FM)- hope you can catch it!

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I’m also speaking at the Newport Baby show in April so if you live close by or want to meet me come along.