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Baby Sunscreen

Having fun on the beach

Fun in the sun!

According to a skin care expert in America parents should use baby sunscreen that includes one or both of these ingredients: zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. They create a physical barrier from the sun rather than a chemical one, which is safer for a baby’s delicate skin. Parents are adivsed to use a lotion that is fragrance-free, such ass . Neutrogena Pure & Free Baby Sunblock Stick

“Parents need to be aware that many suncreams contain chemicals, which are certified as being safe for childre nand certainly better than no protection at all. I would ensure as a parent with a young child that you check the full list of ingredients. If you see any parabens or ingredicents such as sodium laurel sulfate, try to avoid them and find a more natural skin product.

With children particularly under fives I would recoomend that you use a minimum of factor 30 and reapply regularly. If you have a waterproof suncream don’t forget to re-apply it after your child has been in water. Although it may say factor 30 or 50 it doesn’t mean it will last all day, so be generous with your lotions.

Keep babies under 6 months out of the sun altogether they have such delicate skin and it is easily burnt, which can be very painful for a young child and they will find it hard to sleep if they are in pain with sunburnt skin.

Top Sun and beach Tips

1. Put  a hat on your child- preferably with a strap or wide brim!

2. Apply sunscreen 2o minutes BEFORE you head outside.

3. Limit the time your child is in the sun/ playing on the beach.

4. Take a lightweight tent or windbreak to provide some shade.

5. Cover up and use protective swimsuits for babies and young children.

6. Pack  a sun canopy for your baby’s pram or use a protective sunshade which attaches to your baby’s buggy.

Which do you prefer to use on your child a sun lotion, sun stick, spray sunscreen or a suncream?


Have fun in the sun and keep your child in the shade if they fall asleep.