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Baby Sleep

Most new mums have plenty to be getting on with let alone contemplating a planning a fashion show next year. With Harper barely two months old Posh Spice is busy getting ready for her new collection for 2012, apparently her baby is sleeping thorugh the night and only waking for one feed. On her to do list is, ‘get back in shape’, she wants to lose her baby weight in half the normal time so she’s hired a personal trainer six days a week to help her.

She has also  decided to ‘let her nanny go’. Now maybe the goal was to have her baby sleeping through the night, so her services are no longer required or could it be they’ve had a fall out?

When I met Posh and Becks, Broklyn was about a year old, she didn’t have help from a nanny then, only her parents and family were entrusted with his care. Having three boys to look after and deciding to breast-feed Harper must be quite exhausting, so it seems odd she’s letting her nanny go, when her baby is so small. She’s either done a really good job and was hired to have her baby sleeping through the night or they do not see eye to eye.

This is the first child Victoria has breast-fed and like many new mothers she doesn’t like Harper to be out of her sight, it must be that mother daughter bond taking shape.

One of the youngest babies I looked after was sleeping through the night by 8 weeks old, she was not put into  a rigid Gina Ford routine, she just fell into this pattern naturally and happily slept from 7pm for 12 or more hours.  We actually had to wake her in the morning as we were worried that she would be so hungry.

She lived on the most beautiful estate,  I expect by the time she was two she was ridng horses every day next to her mother.

I ‘m sure there are alot of mothers out there who are busy with their daily lives not neccessarily having to plan a fashion show or getting back into shape riding each  day but feeling that no-one can come between that mother daughter bond, long may it last.

Harper is going to have to be a tough cookie having three brothers, on the other hand she will get the pick of her older brothers’ friends when she grows up! Lets hope she continues sleeping through the night, children can  be very fickle for their parents!

If your baby is over three months and waking frequently at night and you are feeling exhausted, why not give me  a call and together we can get your baby through the night or pretty close to.