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Baby Sleep- Post Natal Depression

Around 35,000 mothers are suffering from Post Natal Depression in the UK after the birth of a new baby. Many mothers feel so guilty about how they feel, they often keep their feelings to themselves or prefer to suffer in silence for fear of what might happen to them or their child.

Some don’t feel able to admit that they are finding things difficult or perhaps that they have not bonded with their baby, particularly if it was a much wanted baby or they had difficulty in conceiving.

The current system for diagnosis often fails to pick up mothers who may be heading for depression or already feeling very low. Mums simply don’t have the energy to go to the Doctor or visit a health clinic, they are worried what people will think and instead of asking for help they end up carrying on.

This often has an impact on the rest of the family and others are left to look after the baby and help whilst the mother gets some rest. Going to your GP or speaking to your health visitor would be the first course of action. If a relative is concerned they could contact the GP on the mothers’ behalf for the sake of the child.

Anti-depressants may be prescribed, however just talking to someone about how you are feeling can be of enormous benefit. It may be that you need to speak to a counsellor to help you come to terms with things. Having a baby, is a life changing experience for any new mother and if you are feeling unable to cope or being tearful on a daily basis, the best thing to do is to ask for help.


Sometimes getting help with your baby’s sleep can be enough especially when they get into some kind of routine, which allows you to catch up on some much needed rest and enables you to begin to think more clearly. Sleep will also help you relax and come to terms with your thoughts and feelings, helping you realise you are not the only mother who feels guilty or a failure, this is a good starting point.

Your health visitor or GP will ask you to fill in a short form to assess your state of mind, if you are concerned about taking anti-depressants or it affecting your baby, discuss this with your health professional, it is still possible to breast-feed your baby.

You may just need some counselling with an understanding person or more sleep and these two together could get back you back on to the road of recovery without the need for medication.

Sadly 10-15% of all new mothers suffer with Post Natal Depression it is nothing to be afraid or ashamed of or something that you yourself have caused, to be a good mother you must also look after yourself.