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Overcoming Baby Sleep-When Do I get help?

Many parents expect their new baby or toddler to settle into good sleep habits after a few weeks or months, however when things don’t improve month after month, how long should you wait before you decide to get help to overcome baby and child sleep matters and what are the causes? Many mums and dads are flummoxed by their child’s sleep or rather the lack of and endlessly rack their brains for answers, without much luck. There is a lot more to baby and toddler sleep than a good bedtime routine and every child must be treated as an individual.

Sleep seems a natural thing for a baby to do but this is not always the case. If there are complications at birth or there is something physically wrong with your baby you are likely to regret waiting instead of doing something sooner about it. No mum likes to feel they’ve failed and looking after a new born baby is certainly a tiring job whether you have a baby who sleeps well or not, since things are often changing on a daily basis. Having said this, there is always a reason for your baby not sleeping and often room for improvement with a few simple tweaks.

toddler waking

Toddler waking after crashing out in playpen

If you leave your child’s sleep to chance, then discover that your baby has in fact been in pain and is suffering from i.e. silent reflux or perhaps has an allergy to the milk you are giving him or her, you’re likely to beat yourself even more for not acting sooner, which further adds to your own suffering and may impact your relationship too.

Sleep is a serious health matter and was once used as a form of torture. It is not a baby’s desire to make you work hard, get you up in the night to play or say hello without reason so you end up weak and distressed, your child is simply trying to tell your something and if you are not ‘reading’ his or her language and things are left to sort themselves out, you may end up with a baby who grows into a toddler with bad habits, which can be a much bigger challenge for you to overcome.

If you get one hour’s extra sleep per night, you’ll have 30% more energy in the day! Isn’t that something worth considering, not to mention how much time and worry it will save you, enjoying another 30+ hours each month and can add up to £1000’s in lost income or enjoyment over weeks and months. No sensible person waits long to go the dentist when in pain. Sleep is a health issue and a learned habit for a new baby, there is no shame in asking for help. When your baby or child sleeps all night, particularly when this happens within a week, you can only wish you’d done it far sooner as it may only require a small tweak or two
How long have you been waiting to resolve sleep matters and what do you think is causing your child to continue to wake week after week? Why not give me a call and let’s help get to the bottom of your child’s erratic sleep patterns and wakeful nights.