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Baby Day Naps

sleeping babyIt’s been pretty good weather this Bank Holiday, tempting us out and about to events and family gathering but what happens when you want to go out and your baby hasn’t had their day nap, do you stay home or go out and hope your child sleeps in the car seat or pram?

This is a tricky dilemma especially if you are trying to establish a regular nap routine during the day. Consistency is really important however once your baby has regular naps in his or her cot, the odd nap here and there whilst out and about won’t do any harm and will be a nice break for you too.

If day naps are not in any predictable order or time frame, it won’t make much difference, however my advice would be to try to have the first or the longest nap of the day at home, then if your baby doesn’t sleep long in the car it won’t matter as much.

Do try to keep bedtimes and morning wake ups at a regular time so your baby’s body clock gets used to bedtimes and settles with as little fuss as possible. This can also help you when your baby takes his/her naps in the day.