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Happy Siblings

Child behaviour changes from child to child and many adults have trouble understanding how a young child or baby’s mind works. We all have different personalities and temperaments, however our inner needs are the same, we are run by our emotions.

Children are a mix of nature verses nurture, Juliet uses her intuition and 25 years’ experience to impart a greater understanding of a child’s stage of development and using a holistic approach; she can show you how a child will happily play, listen, co-operate and stay content.

A child’s character forms early on, by year two it really starts to show and this is when clashes can occur. Juliet has had parents declare, “How did my placid baby turn into a tyrannical toddler or fussy eater literally overnight?” There is always a reason for a child’s behaviour and eating habits whether good or bad, some are not always so obvious.

Making excuses and not resolving a new situation or challenge can lead to intense frustration, yelling, kicking, bad language or physical abuse in extreme cases. All family members can be affected, adding strain at mealtimes, bedtimes or family holidays/outings.

Ask About

  • Toddler Tantrums
  • Kicking, Biting, Hitting
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Refusing to Eat/Fussy Eaters
  • Bad language/Refusing to co-operate
  • Sibling Rivalry
  • Jealousy/New baby Regression
  • New Situation-School/House Move/Childcare etc.


  • Premium VIP -Family Transformation /Child Behaviour & Support Service
  • Child Behaviour (Bespoke)-Simple Strategies & Effective techniques
  • Home Visit 1 Month Support from £595  (Plus travel over 10 miles)
    (Optional- Mini Report, Follow up call, Behaviour Plan & Recommendations)
  • One to One Trouble Shooting via Skype/Phone calls £195/£75