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Baby and Toddler Show Cheltenham

It’s been a busy W/E meeting lots of parents at the Baby and Toddler Show in Cheltenham, I was invited to give talks on feeding and sleep techniques for babies and toddlers. It was lovely to bump into previous clients and see how much their children had grown and hear how well they were sleeping, one father told me how his toddler was doing a 3 hour sleep in the day and his day of ‘childcare duties, which allowed him to get quite a bit of work done. In between my talks I got to chat to lots of creative mums and dads who’d acted on idea’s and made their business dream happen.


I met Nic and her husband who designed PlayDuvet a colourful sensory cover   which encourages babies to play on a soft area and is big enough for mums and dads to play on the floor too. It’s a great concept and goes along with Montessori education concept of children learning through their senses and having freedom within defined boundaries. If anyone wants ot know more about Montessori Education please ping me and email and watch out for my ‘ Montessori Parenting at home’ programme designed to help you teach this wonderful method to your  children.


Another Mum I met has set up a business cleaning buggies and has an unforgettable name ‘grubby buggy’! The great thing is they offer this service where ever you are in the country via a courier service, so any mums that just can’t face cleaning their buggy go check out

Not long now until the next Little Monster Baby & Toddler Show in Cardiff, tell your friends and pop along if you live locally, would be lovely to meet you and your child/children, it’s around an hour from Cheltenham and Bristol and has a lovely harbourside setting.