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Autumn Activities with young children

Next week is half term for most school children many mums with a toddler won’t notice a big change in their week as they are used to having to entertain their child all week, the only difference is if you have school age children as well.

Without toddler groups to go to a visit to the park to kick a ball or pick up and drop a handful of leaves can be great fun, especially if with friends. The autumn leaves are looking so beautiful at the moment, why not take a bag and take some home and make a lovely picture for your kitchen wall or perhaps a relative?

When you’re out in the park talk to your child about the different types of trees and show them how to observe the different shaped leaves. Another activity you can do is to get a crayon (the fatter the better) and teach your toddler how to make a leaf impression by rubbing the crayon sideways over some paper with the leaf underneath. For greater variety use several colours, you’ll get some stuning results!

You may also find conkers or acorns so if you have older children they will enjoy collecting those and having conker fights. Be careful to supervise this activity as some kids can get rather carried away, depending on their age they will probably need an adult to help make a hole in the conker. I recommend you use a skewer and find some strong string, thread the string through the hole and tie a good sized knot to one end. Once you have done this all you need know is another friend, ideally the same size or strength and have a go at hitting the other persons conker whilst one child holds their conker string as steady as possible. Beware it can get a bit noisy and there are usually tears when someones’ conker falls apart- so have plenty spare and be prepared to start all over again. Children really do love repetition and competitions with friends.

Enjoy the conker and leaves season for soon the frost will be here!