A Royal Baby – 30 Essential Tips from the Sanity Nanny – Sanity Nanny

A Royal Baby – 30 Essential Tips from the Sanity Nanny

Celebrations, Pre-Birth Preparations & What to expect in Month One with Your New Baby

                                                                                                                     New mother & baby bonding

Day 1
New Baby Preparation-Practical goods and Equipment for your baby’s Nursery.

So many people rush out and buy the best items they can afford which of course a Royal baby deserves and with a Grandmother who’s the Queen of England , Kate and Williams baby will no doubt have only have the best money can buy. You don’t really need everything that the sales assistance suggests you will need or you like the look of. Many items are unnecessary but the essential ones the Sanity Nanny recommends are:

• Car seat
• *Moss basket or carrycot
• Crib/ cot + quality mattress
• Changing mat/towel
• *Changing table
• Pram so baby can lie flat/Buggy from 6 months
• Rain cover
*Optional items

The Rolls Royce pram of all is not a Bugaboo, it’s a beautiful old fashioned carriage pram. These prams are made by Silver Cross and are certainly the most comfortable for baby to sleep in and one of the  easiest to push prams ever. They’re worth the money if you have the space and simply want the best for your baby!

Bedding for Cot/Pram

Quality cot mattress * Do not use second hand
2-3 small light weight cotton blankets for pram /swaddling
1-2 cotton/towelling base sheets for pram + cot
1-2 Warmer cotton/wool blankets
1-2 Cot sheets
Want to buy a beautiful gift for a special new baby? I recommend a cashmere blanket, they are so lightweight, warm and gorgeous to wrap and cuddle a new baby with.

BabyFeeding Equipment
If not breast feeding you will require
Teats (*Newborn size)
Bottle brush
*Bottle warmer
Bowl to warm cool bottles in
*Steriliser (electric or microwave) or sealed unit + sterilizing tablets/liquid
*Pump (if expressing)
Comfortable upright feeding/*rocking chair
Dummy- Optional useful in first few weeks

Will Kate and William’s baby end up with a dummy I wonder?

Clothing- Bare minimum
Baby Gros min 4 -Cotton in summer/towelling in winter
Ideally 2-3 Nightgowns
3-4 Pairs of socks
1-2 cardigans- wool/cotton best
3-6 vests long sleeved in winter + short sleeved in summer
All in one suit
Hat *both summer and winter
2-3 Muslins/cotton bibs

Why 4 BabyGros/Onesies?
*One clean to wear, one to wash, one wet and one that the baby has just been sick/poo leaked on! I’m not joking either!

2-3 Baby Night gowns

* Very useful for the first few weeks, it’s a lot easier to change at night when you/your partner are half asleep – saves you having to fasten poppers and put little feet inside with legs flailing around!

Why do I need a hat for summer and winter?
Sanity Nanny Tip
Babies lose the majority of heat from their head and their temperature mechanism is not fully developed until they are older. Hats in summer help ensure they don’t get cold and also protect your baby from the sun.

*Always check baby’s temperature on hot or very cold day.

  • Deluxe Baby Girl & Mom Gift Basket (Large)

Accessories/ Optional Extra’s
Thermometer for room
Baby alarm/ monitor
Changing bag
Sunshade for pram
Car shades
Pram hooks
Cat net
Pram toy
Cot bumper

The birth of the Royal Baby is getting closer, I expect Kate and William are very excited and so is the British Nation too!