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A Royal Baby – Day 2 Essential Tips From the Sanity Nanny


Celebrations, Pre-Birth Preparations & What to expect in Month One


Day Two

Your Parenting Ideals


As a new or expectant parent most people are focused purely on the birth and the safe arrival of their baby and rightly so, however have you and your partner sat down to discuss the future you’d like to for your child?


If as a child you had a happy childhood, this is what you will try and emulate with your own child. Some children have parents who have completely opposing views of what future they want for their son or daughter i.e., if you are a parent who travels abroad frequently or works for the Foreign Service, your parents may have made a decision to send you to a private boarding school, seeing it as the best and least disruptive option for both parties. The majority parents agree that if they can afford a private nursery school that is their  preferred option for those all important first few years. Whether Kate and William book a place at a local nursery or perhaps a Montessori School that teaches children individually at their own pace, as they learn by using their senses and the environment, I’m sure the decision won’t be taken lightly.


Most young children I’ve looked after get very upset if they are sent away from home or don’t see their parents frequently. More confident children particularly those who are sporty, do tend to enjoy boarding school life and also  those who are an only child and lack company at home. I would not recommend sending a child to boarding school before 11 if possible, as it can be quite daunting and an intimidating experience. It can also put a strain on your long term relationship with your child and they may resent you for its, try and involve them in the process if you can.


Mother & Infant BabyMother and baby Bonding


With William away on trips I’m sure Kate will not be left to bring up baby alone, they’ll no doubt have the aid of a nanny or maternity nurse in the first few weeks and months. Although perhaps these modern parents will opt for a different lifestyle as Kate Middleton was clearly brought up by her mother and father, whilst William whose mother was a Nursery Nurse, still had the luxury of a dedicated nanny.

If you do choose to employ staff and I would say that the investment of a first class maternity nurse will be worth her weight in gold if you are expecting your first child. What you will learn and how you experience the first year with your child will be so much more relaxed as a result. Not only this, a trained Maternity Nurse will help you  get your baby into a good routine and be sleeping through the night as early as possible and this could even be within the first month or two.


For parents whose budget doesn’t stretch to a Maternity Nurse or Nanny you may want to consider hiring a doula. Doula’s assist mothers with the birth and will get to know the family before the new baby arrives. Once baby is born, she will come and help mum with baby duties, housework, shopping or whatever is required and will cost a lot less than a full-time nanny. They are all trained in birth and essentially give mum’s support throughout labour and help restore calmness and assist with early babycare and feeding.


Are you going to be a relaxed, chilled out parent or will you be trying to set a routine up from an early age and look forward to having more sleep and rest in the day whilst your new baby is napping? The more you worry about the future or are stressed your baby will sense this, so try to go with the flow in those early weeks and just enjoy bonding and cuddling your sleepy infant and you will have a much closer relationship.